Sarah Gwinnett, 1717

Sara Gwinnett al’s Nodes

Nono die emt. Como. Georgio Gwynnett Marito l’timo Saræ Gwinnett al’s Nodes nup paro’æ S’ti Joh’is Evangelistæ London deff’e h’entis &c  Ad ad’strand’ bona jura et credita d’cæ deff’æ De bene &c Jurat’

ult’. Augti

ult’. Febrij 1717

Sarah Gwinnett alias Nodes

On the ninth day issued a commission to George Gwynnett, lawful husband of Sarah Gwinnett alias Nodes, late of the parish of St John the Evangelist, London, deceased, having &c. sworn to administer well &c. the goods, rights and credits of the said deceased

Last day of August

Last day of February 1717

National Archives Reference: PROB 6/93

Translated from the Latin by David Bethell