Emilia Gwinnett of Penllyn, 1808

This is an abstract of the very long and complex last will and testament of  Emilia Gwinnett, of Penllyn Castle in the county of Glamorgan, spinster.  She mentions:

  •  A desire to be buried at Newick in the County of Sussex as near to the remains of the late Lady Louisa Barbara Vernon as may be
  • my Castle, manor, messuages, farms, lands, advowsons, tithes and hereditaments in Glamorgan, called Penllyn Castle Estates;
  • my manors, messuages, farms, lands, advowsons, tithes and hereditaments called the Cotterell Estates in Glamorgan;
  • the manors, messuages, lands, tenements and hereditaments in the County of Gloucester which I hold in reversion, expectant on the decease of George Gwinnett
  • and all other my manors, messuages, farms, lands, advowsons, tithes and hereditaments in the said Counties of Glamorgan and Gloucester or in any other county or counties other than and except my copyhold estates in the County of Sussex
  •  Hugh Leycester of Lincolns Inn in the County of Middlesex, Esquire,
  • Lieutenant General John Leland
  • Right Honourable Thomas, Earl of Clarendon
  • Thomas Markham of Nash in the said County of Glamorgan, Esquire
  • Richard Griffith of Cardiff in the same County, Esquire
  • Honourable John Charles Villiers (brother of the said Earl
  • William Chute Hayton of Wistaston Court in the County of Hereford, Esquire
  • [Blank] Tyler, oldest son of [Blank] Tyler of [Blank] by Margaret his wife, late Margaret Leech
  • Reverend William Gwinnett Hornidge of the City of Gloucester, clerk
  • Samuel Gwinnett Hornidge, son of the said William Gwinnett Hornidge
  • Betty, widow of the late William [Catchmayd] Gwinnett of Great Shurdington, deceased, now Betty Quarrington
  • Jane Lewis, my housekeeper
  • Ann Dawkins, now living with me
  •  Frances Dawkins, wife of John Dawkin
  • the five daughters of the Reverend John Bassett, late of Bonvilston
  • each of my servants who shall live with me and be in my service at the time of my decease
  • Richard Whapham of Trehill in the parish of St Nicholas, Glamorgan, yeoman
  • Morgan Grant, yeoman, my bailif
  • Mrs Mary Bernard mother of General Bernard
  • Thomas Mansell Talbot, esquire
  • Emilia also mentions the use of the names and Coats of Arms of the Gwinnett and Emes families.
  • She constituted and appointed  Thomas, Earl of Clarendon, sole executor
  • the will was written and signed on the first day of July, 1808.

Signed: Emilia Gwinnett

Witnessed by:  J Y Cotterill, H T Wright, J N Pickering

TNA Ref:  PROB  11/1475