GWINNETT Family History

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Crest for Gwinnett family

This is the crest for the Gwinnett family

When I first began researching my family history, I believed that my sister and I were the first two family members to have been born in Gloucestershire, my parents having originated in London and Kent, but as I progressed back in time, I learnt of my Gwinnutt ancestors who came from Worcestershire.  Browsing through the Herald’s Visitation books in Gloucestershire Archives one day, I came across the name of Gwinnett, noticed the similarity of the two names and, from then on, the name and its variants became my main surname of interest as it meant I could research part of my family locally.

The Gwinnett family appear to have arrived in Gloucestershire around 1575, having left the Gwynnedd area in North West Wales.  Reputedly, they were descended from the Princes of Wales but that is an aspect I have not yet researched.  The family at that time seems to have consisted of George Gwynnett, his wife, Eleanor, and their son Richard.

I have found references to various Gwinnett individuals before 1575 but not been able to link them in to the main family as yet so George, Eleanor and Richard are currently at the top of my Gwinnett tree.  Further down the tree are a couple of noted individuals, namely the dramatist Richard Gwinnett (1675 – 1717) and Button Gwinnett (1735 – 1777) who signed the American Declaration of Independence on 4th July 1776. The earliest mention of the family I have found in Gloucestershire records so far occurs in the diocesan documents for the late 1570s, including one item from 1579, stating that George Gwynnett was the Vicarage farmer and had been there for 4 years.

Liz Jack

To be continued …….