I have found the following apprenticeships for members of the Gwinnett family:

  • 1680 April 12:  Richard Gwinnett, son of George Gwinnett, gentleman of Badgeworth, to Josiah and Margery Randle, baker, for 7 years.  2s 6d. [G.A. Ref: GBR C10/3/198]
  • 1690 November 1:  Francis Gwinnett, son of Lawrence Gwinnett, gentleman of Great Shurdington, to Samuel Newton, baker, for 7 years. [G.A. Ref: GBR C10/3/304]
  • 1701 March 25:  George Gwynnett, son of George Gwynnett, yeoman, of Elstone (Alstone for Elkstone?) to Thomas & Elizabeth Veysey, mercer, for 7 years.  [G.A. Ref: GBR C10/3/405]
  • 1730 March 2:  George Gwinet, son of George Gwinet, yeoman, of Wotton, to George Cooke, grocer and chandler, for 7 years.  [G.A. Ref: GBR C10/3/683]

Also, in the same collection [Gloucestershire Archives, Ref: GBR C10]:

  • 1691 April 1:  William Fowler, son of Daniel Fowler, yeoman of Hempsted, to Sarah Gwinnett, widow, baker, for 7 years.  [G.A. Ref:  GBR C10/3/312]

Meanwhile, in London, other members of the Gwinnett family were being apprenticed.

  • 1793 July 7:  George Gwinnett, son of George Gwinnett of Shurdington, Gent, was apprenticed to Robert Payne, a Citizen and Merchant Taylor of London, for 7 years.