John Gwinnett, 1728/9

Gwinnett  Johannes

Vicesimo Secundo die Emt. Commo. Georgio Gwinnett Sen’ Patri n’rali & l’timo Johannis Gwinnett nup de Kings Town in Jamaica ….. def’ci h’entis &c Ad ad’strandum bona &c’ dicti defuncti de bene &c’ Jurat’ vigore Co’mmissionis

Ult’ Augti

Ult Feb: 1728/9o

Gwinnett, John

On the 22nd day issued a commission to George Gwynnett senior, natural and lawful father of John Gwinnett late of Kings Town in Jamaica ….., deceased, having &c., sworn by commission to administer well &c. the goods &c. of the said deceased

Last day of August

Last day of February 1728/9

National Archives Reference: PROB 6/104

Translated from the Latin by David Bethell