Button Gwinnett of Savannah, Georgia, 1777

Savannah, March 15th 1777

I’m sound in body and mind for which I am under the highest obligations to the Supreme being; how long I shall remain so God only knoweth; I therefore dispose of my property both real and personal in the following manner:-

First, let all my just debts be discharged then one half of my real and personal estates remaining be divided between my wife and daughter in equal shares.

The other half of my estates both real and Personal shall belong to and appertain unto the Revd.  Mr Thomas Bosomworth his heirs and assigns for ever, he the said Thomas Bosomworth first giving as rec(eip)t in full of all other demands.

This is my last will and testament and I hereby revoke all other wills and codicils.  The above is only intended to convey my estate in America.

I hereby appoint Thomas Savage and Lymon Hall Esquires as executors to this my last Will and Testament.

Button Gwinnett

 Witness:  James Foley,  William Hornby,  Thomas Hovenden