Francis Gwynnet, 1705

Franc’s Gwynnet

Octavo die emt. como. Jonæ Cryne Cred’ prin’li Francisci Gwynnett nup ad Legionem prnobilis et honorandi viri Domini Arron spectan’ Cœlibi def’ti h’entis &c ad ad’strandum bona jura et credita d’ci def’ti de bene &c jurat’

ult’ Julij

ult’ Jan: 1705

Francis Gwynnet

On the eighth day issued a commission to Jona Cryne, principal creditor of Francis Gwynnett (late belonging to the regiment of the most noble and honourable lord Arran) bachelor, deceased, having &c.: sworn to  administer well &c. the goods, rights and credits of the said deceased

Last day of July

Last day of January 1705

National Archives Reference: PROB 6/81

Translated from the Latin by David Bethell