The early Gwinnetts were fond of vertical stone sundials. The four sons of George Gwinnett and Elizabeth nee Lawrence (Richard, George, Isaac and Lawrence) had at least two sundials between them. Richard lived at Crippetts, George lived at Urris, Isaac possibly lived at Bentham Manor and Lawrence made his home at Poplar Farm, all in and around the Shurdington area. The moated house called Urris was demolished hundreds of year ago so we will never know if George had a sundial there.

Richard Gwinnett, who lived at Crippetts, had his sundial on the Shurdington Church wall, to the right of the doorway. It is dated 1653, during the English Civil War. It is not known what event triggered Richard’s decision to have the sundial made.

On the wall of Shurdington Church

Lawrence, the youngest brother, had his sundial built into the end wall of Poplar Farmhouse. This sundial is dated 1661 which is possibly when the house was built. Again, there seems to be no reason for the sundial to be created in that particular year.

The sundial on the wall of Poplar Farmhouse

It is described on the Listed Building website as ‘a square slab sundial with moulded hood and inscription ‘LA=GWINETH 1661’ at the top.