William Guinnett, 1712

Wmus Guinnett

Vicesimo die emt. como. Johanni Gabb Avunculo et Curatori l’time assignato Audoeno Guinnett et Elizæ. Guinnett Minoribus fratri et sorori n’ralibus et l’timis Wmi. Guinnett nup de Wandsworth in Com’ Surrie sed in vel Prope Ciuitatem London Cœlibis def’ti h’entis &c’ ad Ad’strandum bona jura et credita d’ci def’ti in usum et beneficium d’coru’ Minorum ac donec et quousq’ d’ci Minores ad vicesimum Primum ætatis eorum Annu’ attigerint seu alter eorum attigerit de bene &c’ Jurat’

ult Octr.

ult Aprilis 1712

William Guinnett

On the 20th day issued a commission to John Gabb, uncle and lawful guardian assigned to Audoen Guinnett and Eliza(beth) Guinnett, minors, natural and lawful brother and sister of William Guinnett late of Wandsworth in county Surrey (but in or near the city of London) bachelor deceased, having &c. sworn to well &c. administer the goods, rights and credits of the said deceased, to the use and benefit of the said minors, and so long as and until the said minors shall attain, or either of them shall attain, their 21st year of age

Last day of October

Last day of April 1712

National Archives Reference: PROB 6/87

Translated from the Latin by David Bethell