George Gwinnett of Rowley Regis, 1734

In the name of God, Amen, this sixth day of December in the Eighth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Second by the Grace of God of Great Britain, France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith by and in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Thirty Four.

I, George Gwinnett in the parish of Rowley Regis and County of Stafford, Victualler, being but weak in body but of perfect memory blessed be God, doe make and declare this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following:

First, I bequeath my Soul into the hands of Allmighty God my maker hoping though the meritorious death and passion of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to receive a pardon for all my sins and as for my body to be buried in Christian burial at the discretion  of my executor and trustee and as I shall herein after order.

Also, I give to my son George, ten pounds and the money which is in the hand of Edward Heyward of Brinsfield, Gloucestershire besides, which appears by Pheobe Bibb, who was the only counsel keeper to be fifteen pounds, and to each of his children George and Molly fifty shillings a piece.

Also I give to my daughter Betty wife of John  Stevenson seven pounds and one of the best beds and bedsteads with the accouterments thereto belonging which I find she lays some claim unto.  

Also I give to my daughter Sarah, seven pounds to be put in John Stevenson’s hands to pay her 1s.6d. or two shillings the week as he shall so occasion and if it should please God she should happen to die before all money is paid herein I order the remaining part to go to her sister Betty.

Also I give to my grandaughter Anne, the daughter of  Richard Gwinnett, six pounds and the two little beds and bedsteads with the furniture and bedcloaths thereto belonging for her own propertie and to his other children, Elizabeth, Richard, George and William, ten shillings apiece to buy them two lambs apiece.

Lastly all the rest of my money, goods and perquisits whatever within or without, I give to my son Richard Gwinnett making him the sole Executor of this my last Will and make choice of Mr. John Gaunt to be my Trustee herewithin the least scrupling his fidelity and honest care which may be used herein to whom I give a guinea reward for the care and trouble he may meet with about it.

And I make choice of John Gaunt, Thomas Fletcher, William Everton, Benjamin Bibb, Joseph Smith and John Hatchelor to carry my corps to the grave to each of which I give and order a cypher and a pair if gloves and to each of their wives a pair of gloves, a pair for Mary Gaunt and a pair for Pheobe Bibb.

I desire the great bell may ring all day and everything be carried in a plentifull and decent manner but without excess.  

And as for the cloaths I shall leave behind me, I desire that they be equally parted both linnens and woollens between my two sons, George to make the first choice.  I desire that the money which is out at interest may not be called in under six months after my decease and desire that Hannah Gaunt may have a pair of gloves.

Signed sealed and delivered and declared to be my last Will and Testament.

Signed by George Gwinnett in a good hand.

In the presence of us and signed by: Thomas Cartwright, Thomas Fletcher, William Nock

Proved 13 January 1734.

The Executor herein named was sworn in due form of law before me.                                William Philips, Surrogate