Fanny Gwinnett of Selsley, 1935

This is the last will and testament of me, Fanny Gwinnett, of Selsley Cottage, Selsley Hill near Stroud in the county of Gloucester, widow.

I appoint my nephew, George Percy Hague of Cliftonville, Ebley near Stroud aforesaid, auctioneer’s clerk, and Walter Edward Poole, of South View Pagan Hill near Stroud aforesaid, retired dental agent, (hereinafter called my Trustees) joint executors and trustees of this my will and I give to each of my trustees a legacy of ten pounds free of duty for the trouble they will have in carrying out the trusts hereof

I give, devise and bequeath all my real and personal estate of whatsoever nature or kind and wheresoever situate unto my trustees upon trust to sell and dispose thereof  and after payment of my debts, funeral and testamentary expenses to invest the residue in any securities authorised by law and during the life of my daughter Lottie Marguerite Gwinnett to pay the income arising from the residuary trust fund unto Florence Louisa Vick of Cainscross, Stroud, aforesaid, postmistress, and my niece Bessie Mary Cox of Field Place, Ilkeston in the county of Derby, whom I hereby appoint guardians of my said daughter, Lottie Marguerite Gwinnett

And I direct such income shall be held by the guardians in trust for the maintenance and benefit of my said daughter, Lottie Marguerite Gwinnett during her life

And after her death, I direct my trustees to divide the capital money representing the residuary trust fund unto my nephews the said George Percy Hague and Harry Hague and my niece the said Bessie Mary Cox, in equal shares.

And in the event of the death of the said George Percy Hague, Harry Hague or Bessie Mary Cox, the share of either of them dying in the lifetime of my said daughter, his or her share shall be divided equally between his or her children, such children taking the share of his, her or their parent

And I empower and authorise my trustees to retain any portion of my real and personal estate in the same state of investment as shall be existing at the time of my death without incurring any liability or responsibility for so doing

I revoke all former wills and declare this to be my last will and testament, in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this tenth day of April, one thousand nine hundred and thirty five.

Fanny Gwinnett

Signed by the said Fanny Gwinnett in our resence and by us in her and each others presence.

Frank Treasure, solicitor, Gloucester.  Alice H Gabb, his clerk.

On 25th May 1935, probate of this will was granted at Gloucester.