George Gwinnett of Lidney, 1712

The Nuncupative Will of George Gwinnett of Lidney

Memorandum, that I George Gwinnett of the Parish of Lidny do renounce all other Wills and Testaments whatsoever this being the last Will and Testament.

I do give and bequeath all my personal estate, goods and money wholey and soley to my sister Sarah Bubb and to my sister’s dafter Sarah Crump whom I make joint Executrixes of my last Will in witness that I have hereunto sett my hand and seall this 29th. day of September in the year of our Lord God 1708

The mark of George Gwinnett

 Witnesses:  George Wintor, Joane James, William Davis, Ann Hill

Proved 26th August 1712.

This would appear to be a nuncupative (spoken) will since it begins with the word ‘Memorandum’.

 Gloucestershire Archives Ref: 1712/325